Make your own Damson Gin

Fancy having a go yourself?  This great video gives you a step by step guide to making your own damson gin.

Of course our old secret recipe at Joan’s Hole is a little bit more involved and our special ageing process makes our damson gin incredibly smooth.  Why not try for yourself and then compare

Things you didn’t know about Damsons

Old Joan's Hole Gin

Some Interesting Facts about Damsons:

  • The name damson originates from the original name Damacus plum.
  • Damsons originated in Asia Minor and were brought to England by the Romans.
  • Damson wine was hugely popular in the 19th Century.
  • Damsons can and are also steeped in still cider in parts of the country.
  • Damsons are often used for jam on account of their slightly tart flavour.
  • Damsons can also be steeped in vodka, brandy and whiskey….At Joan’s hole we use a traditional recipe using London Dry Gin.

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